Swim Events Template


The Swim Events Template is the standard schedule of swim events for dual meets (or in-season meets) for your league, including event number, gender and age range, distance, and stroke.


When you have a Swim Events Template set up with us, all new meets created by your teams who are also SwimTopia users will automatically include your league’s standard schedule of swim events. Without a Swim Events Template, if your teams create  a new swim meet using Schedule > Add Swim Meet > New (Empty) Swim Meet, their meet will actually BE empty, with no swim events in the meet. (See our Help Center article about Creating and Managing Swim Meets)

Your friendly Customer Happiness team will work with you to set up your Swim Events Template. You can either provide us with an existing meet that has the correct swim events (preferred) or a spreadsheet that lists your swim event details.

Send us an Existing Meet

The easiest way for us to set up a Swim Events Template for your league is to use an existing meet.

Contact us at [email protected] with either of the following:

  1. An existing meet that has the the correct swim events from one of your member team’s sites (who is also using SwimTopia) or from your own League site, OR
  2. You can set up a new meet on your site by importing a Meet Manager EV3 file (Schedule > Add Swim Meet > Import Meet Event file…)


Correcting Teams’ Swim Events

Once we’ve created a Swim Events Template for your league, we can update or correct the swim events for your teams’ existing meets that have incorrect or missing events.  You or your teams’ admins can contact your friendly Customer Happiness at [email protected] to request a swim events repair for a meet.

League Meet Schedule

If all of your teams are using SwimTopia, you can send us your league’s entire meet schedule and we can import those meets into each team’s Schedule.  For more information, see our Help Center article about the League Meet Schedule.


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