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When you set up a Default Event Template for your league, any new meet created by the league or its member teams will automatically have your league’s standard schedule of events. This makes setting up new meets much easier for the member teams and is also helpful if the league is using the Meet Scheduling import feature (note: meet scheduling requires all the teams in the league be SwimTopia teams). Your friendly Customer Happiness team can update or correct the events for your teams’ existing meets that have incorrect or missing events, at your request, using the default event template. 

Without a Default Event Template, creating a new swim meet using the New (Empty) Swim Meet option in Add Swim Meet on the Schedule page will actually BE empty, with no events in the meet. After setting up your league’s template, new meets will have your complete schedule of events.

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Your Friendly Customer Happiness team will work with you to set up the Default Event Template. The easiest way to get a Default Event Template created for your league is to create a meet (or even just identify an existing meet) with the correct events—event number, distance, gender, and minimum and maximum athlete ages. Additional meet details (other than what is defined in the League Meet Schedule) will need to be set by hand on the individual meets.

 SwimTopia will need you to provide:

  1. An example meet (could be a meet on the schedule of one of the member teams or the league) with the correct events OR
  2. An example meet on the League’s schedule created by importing a Meet Manager EV3 file (Add Swim Meet > Import Meet Event file… menu in your Schedule tab).

Absent those, it’s possible for SwimTopia to create a Default Event template from a spreadsheet or other document provided it contains all the event information required:

  1. Event number (may contain letters in addition to the number, e.g., 1A)
  2. Distance (e.g., 25, 50, 100, and so on)
  3. Stroke
  4. Gender
  5. Minimum Athlete Age
  6. Maximum Athlete Age

When you have one of these, contact the Customer Happiness team via [email protected] and let them know you would like to have a Default Event template set up for your league.


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