Testing Registration Forms

Administrators can test Registration Forms as they build them (at any time, actually) using the “Preview” link in the Registration Forms page of Manage Team. Previewing a Registration works precisely like actually registering, including requiring you to enter the names of children and so on. Otherwise, it wouldn’t actually be a preview (there are parts of registration that require knowing the gender or age of athletes, such as Athlete Merchandise Offers). The only thing it doesn’t do is complete the transaction.

Setting the Registration Form to be “Private” allows you to supply a select number of people with a live registration that won’t be visible on the site, so you can further test the registration with more people. This form of testing does complete transactions and will charge credit cards and so on. It’s a real registration.

Common questions arising from testing registration

Why am I not receiving activation emails?

If a person has activated their SwimTopia account for any team, they don’t need to do so again. For example, you are already activated if you are an admin or if a person is added to the team manually. SwimTopia sends an activation email only the first time a person becomes affiliated with ANY team in SwimTopia. The purpose of the activation email is to prompt the person to set up their SwimTopia account. This account is site-wide. A person can be affiliated with more than one team on SwimTopia and have different permissions on each one. The team site they access determines if they have Admin permissions or not. Put another way, they have a SwimTopia account and a team affiliation.

I checked the “Display prompt encouraging registrants to login to pre-load prior registration data” box, why doesn’t it work?

As it says in the box above this option:

“If a parent is logged into their SwimTopia account and visits the registration page, we will automatically pre-load data from the prior year's registration (if any).

If a user is not logged in we can display a message prompting them to login to pre-load their prior season's data.

If your team used SwimTopia in the previous season we recommend enabling this option.”

The pre-load comes from the previous registration, not from data in the system. Note that if you are testing registration it may be that the most recent registration you have filled out is incomplete or something causing the next registration to not have complete information. None of this indicates an error. For the most part, the pre-loading works fine for parents registering the second time.

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