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Athlete Roster Groups are used to separate athletes into categories. These groups are exclusive, an athlete can only be a member of one at a time. Athletes can be assigned to a group as part of Registration or by editing the athlete's information directly.

Athlete Roster Groups can be addressed via Communications like any other group in SwimTopia, by typing the name of the group in the "Recipient" when composing a message.

When to use Athlete Roster Groups

When you need to divide your roster into segments because you have different programs as part of your team. Some examples:

  • High Schools which have Varsity and Junior Varsity teams
  • Teams with Swim and Dive programs
  • Teams with “mini-mascot” or other pre-competitive programs
  • Teams with multiple practice pools or other similar need to divide the team

Since these groups are exclusive (an athlete can only be one group) there are circumstances where setting the groups up requires some extra work. For example, in a team with Swim and Dive programs where an athlete can both swim and dive, you will need to create at least three groups:

  1. Swim
  2. Dive
  3. Swim & Dive

The number of total groups needed will be the number of original groups plus the number of original groups minus one plus the number of original groups minus two and so on. In this simple case (Swim + Dive) that’s: (Swim, Dive) = 2 + (2-1) or 3. Also, even if you have more than two original groups, you may not need all the variations. If you have a pre-competitive group, they may not need to be factored into the Swim + Dive equation, for example.

Groups can have age restrictions and can be marked as non-competitive. Say you have a Junior Swim group that kids ages 4 to 7 can join that is non-competitive. Your competitive swim group can be ages 5-18 and if it's part of registration, parents can choose which group their kid should be in if their age would permit either choice.

Athlete Roster Groups in Registration

Manual Assignment

To assign an athlete to a group, go to Manage Team > People > Click the athlete’s name > Click the “Edit” button. Scroll down the page and select the proper group from the menu.

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