What does SwimTopia do for Leagues?

Over the years swim teams have gradually been coming around to Cloud-based software to help manage their teams and eliminate the paper trail. Now SwimTopia provides features specifically designed for leagues to help with league-level management—so they can climb out from under the mountains of paper and enjoy the benefits of the Cloud as well!

Some leagues around the country are starting to encourage (or even mandate) teams in their league to use one type of swim team management software to improve the league’s workflow and provide standardized procedures for information sharing between teams and the league. SwimTopia helps that process by providing unique league-level management features including:

  • See and print electronic copies of league liability waivers for each member of SwimTopia teams. Some leagues require each member of each team to sign a league liability waiver (sometimes it’s required by the league’s insurance company). SwimTopia allows teams to capture that information electronically during the team registration process in a legally binding way and easily share it with their league. The league can then share it with their insurance company.
  • Collect league-specific fees. Some leagues charge a fee to each member who registers for a team.  With SwimTopia, leagues can set up a shared acknowledgement section with the extra surcharge that teams can then add to their online registration forms. If both the league and the team have a WePay account, the league portion of the registration fees will be automatically sent to the league's account. 
  • See athlete rosters per team. Leagues can see the full roster of each team to stay in touch with their membership.
  • Send league-wide emails to the whole league, or to specific divisions. With SwimTopia, it’s easy to reach out when the league wants to email every member directly, or needs to contact members of a certain division, making direct and clear communication possible.
  • See athlete counts by age group for the whole league and per team. Easily seeing how many swimmers of each age group there are throughout the league helps with planning championship and in-season meets and events.
  • Display league and division “standings.” Leagues are able to input the team scores after each meet and their SwimTopia division and league standings pages will update automatically.
  • Restrict content to members of the league’s teams. Leagues can make pages “private” so that only people who are members of a SwimTopia team in that league can view them.
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