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Why is the relay generator not selecting my fastest swimmers for swim ups?

To fill a 100 Free relay, fastest posted seed times for the 25 Free are used to select swimmers. If no 25 free time is available, an estimated seed time that is half of the fastest 50 Free time will be used.

However to fill a 200 Free relay, the fastest posted seed times for the 50 Free are used instead.

So, your fastest 25 Free swimmer may not be chosen for the 200 Free Relay, when their 50 Free seed time is compared to other 50 Free seed times available. 

Note that if you are not converting seed times for seeding purposes, for example, Yards (Y) times will be ignored when seeding a Meters (S) meet. This could affect which swimmers are selected for your relays as well. When viewing your meet entries, any seed time shown with a asterisk * indicates the time has been converted. 

To ensure that all seed times are being converted and compared, we recommend selecting "Convert seed times to selected course" in your meet setup, unless this is not allowed for some reason.

Click the "Edit" button next to your meet title and scroll to the "Course / Pool Length" section at the bottom of the page to modify how you are handling seed time conversions. See the Creating and Managing Meets tutorial for more information on meet setup.

If you have questions about why a particular athlete is not available for a relay, hover over their name in the Relay Team Editor and a tool tip will appear with more information—“Athlete has reached relay event entry limit”, for example.


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