What does “Results awaiting SwimTopia support review” mean?

If you’ve uploaded a results file and instead of “completed” it says "Results awaiting SwimTopia support review” you should contact SwimTopia support via the help desk. Don’t upload the same results file again because this is not an error in the importing of the file, but an issue with the file itself.

What this message means is that there are issues with the file import that the support team will have to address. The support staff should be notified when you have a file import that needs attention and you may want to contact support anyway. We will rename the events in the results file if we don't hear from you. The new events will have the event number followed by an “S” (for example, if the original event number was “5”, the results will be imported into event “5S”. This means that most, if not all, of the events in the meet will be duplicated (unless there are no results for a particular event).

Most of the time, this is the result of the event settings in SwimTopia are not the same as they are in Meet Manager. Any difference in gender, age group, distance, or stroke will cause the import to be suspended until the Customer Happiness reviews the results. The results file’s events are assumed to be the correct ones.

If you import the results into a new, empty meet, you can compare the events between the existing meet and what the results file contains. You can then make changes to the events in the original meet to match the results. If you do this, you CAN upload the results again, and no issues will arise.



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