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Meet_with_Qualifying_Times-Edit.pngHow do I add Qualifying Times to a Meet?

By Qualifying Times, we mean how fast a swimmer must swim that same event prior to the Meet in question to be permitted to swim that event for this Meet.

There are two ways to get Qualifying Times into a Meet: imported with the Meet Events file or hand-entered in SwimTopia.

The easiest way is to make sure that information is part of the Meet Events files exported from Meet Manager. If the Qualifying Times are present in that file, they will be part of your SwimTopia Meet as well. You can import a meet file by selecting the "Import Meet Event File..." option when clicking the "Add Swim Meet..." button within the Schedule section of SwimTopia.

How to manually enter Qualifying Times

Go to Manage Team > Schedule > Meet > Events > Edit Qualifying Times

There you can view the existing Qualifying Times (if they are present) and edit them as well.

Click the Edit Qualifying Times button to enter times for each event.

When you have finished adding the Qualifying Times, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


How do I track which swimmers have qualified for a meet?

This report is only available if the meet in question has qualifying times entered.

Go to Manage Team > Schedule > Meet > Entries > Reports > Qualifiers


Here you can sort the Qualifiers by name (Swimmer) or Age Group as well as send a Message to the Qualifiers via Communications by clicking the Compose Email button.


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