Removing athletes

How do I remove a swimmer without deleting their past results?

There are two ways to remove a swimmer's current season affiliation and remove them from their family's registration form at the same time. Both methods accomplish the same thing, and neither will affect any results or past season affiliations.

Click the Remove button in their Manage Team > People profile 



From Manage Team > Registrations > View Registrations, click the View/Edit to open that family's form, then click Edit Athletes to see a list of registered swimmers.

Click the Remove button next to the swimmer being removed. 

Note: If there is only one athlete on the family's registration form, reject the entire form to remove the parent affiliations at the same time. 

Removing an athlete's affiliation or removing them from a registration form affects your current season only. For example, if your current season is set to 2017 now, the Remove button will remove the 2017 affiliation for the athlete you are clicking.

If you set your current season to 2016, clicking the remove button would remove an athlete's 2016 affiliation only. But don't change seasons and then forget to change it back!

If you did happen to remove all affiliations for a swimmer, their results would not be deleted -- you would just need to add the athlete back to the roster for each season that results exist. As long as the names and birthdate match the results, they would will appear with the athlete record again.







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