SwimTopia Support - How can we help you?

Looking for help? There are many ways to receive SwimTopia support:

Contact a SwimTopia Customer Happiness Specialist:

Email: Click the yellow "Help" tab on your SwimTopia website, send email to [email protected], or click here to open a support ticket.


877-856-2940 (Option 2) 

Join our Zoom.US meeting for our Lunch & Learn, Fridays 11am - 2pm (Central Time):


Join our Customer Happiness Specialists in our Zoom.US meeting, where we're happy to answer any questions you may have. We can set up screen-sharing to show you tricks and tips or help you navigate through your SwimTopia set-up. Drop in any time between 11am-2pm on Fridays!

Workshop Webinars - Free, Focused SwimTopia Training : 


Attend our Workshop Webinars to dive deeper into specific topics like website style & content, online registration, volunteer coordination, or meet entries. Get an in-depth tutorial and have your questions answered in real-time. 

View a SwimTopia Demo: 


Join one of our live demo webinars, which provides a brief overview of the main SwimTopia features, including website setup, online registration, volunteer management, meet entries, communications, and more.

What's my browser?

To troubleshoot your issue, we may need to know the type and version of your OS (operating system) and web browser. This site will provide a summary of the details and also gives you a handy link which you can send to us along with your support request:


WePay Customer Support

See the WePay Customer Support website or call 1-855-GO-WEPAY.

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