Athlete Roster Groups in Registration

When Athlete Roster Groups are enabled in Manage Team > Settings > Athlete Roster Groups, the Athlete Groups tab is added to the registration form editor.


Any groups you have created are available to add to your registration form here. Using athlete groups, you can:

  • Collect and charge special registration fees for each group
  • Assign group tags
  • Send group emails using the group name as a mailing list

To add your custom Athlete Groups to the registration process, click the Enable this section checkbox.

Enter a custom section title and any special instructions to your members as necessary.

During registration, each athlete will be given athlete group choices from the groups you select below.

  • Only the groups where the athlete is within the suggested age range of the group will be offered.
  • If the athlete only falls in one age group, that group is pre-selected.
  • Allow the selection of 'none' option to have standard registration fees apply if no group is selected.
  • Groups selected that have no custom registration fees specified are charged the standard registration fee.
  • Groups without a suggested age range will be offered to every athlete. 
  • Optional custom group fees trump any other registration fees that have been configured except any family caps on registration fees. Those caps will still apply.
  • Custom group fees overriding the registration fee means that sibling discounts will not be taken into account during registration. 



Click Save to save your changes and move on to the next section. 


Athlete Roster Groups are included in the Download Athlete Data (csv) report for each registration form. We are working on getting more formatted reports for groups available as well. 

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