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WePay is a secure payment processor that makes it easy to start accepting payments online. With no setup costs and no monthly fees, WePay is the preferred payment processing partner of SwimTopia.

If you need help with the WePay side of things, contact them via their web form: WePay Customer Support. If you need urgent assistance, your friendly SwimTopia Customer Happiness team can help expedite your request.

Once you have created and connected a WePay account to your SwimTopia team site, you can start collecting online payments from registration forms and online store purchases. Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Create WePay account

Go to Manage Team > Settings > WePay Configuration to begin the setup process.

New Account? (Recommended Setup)

Enter your new account information and click the Create WePay Account button. If your organization qualifies as a non-profit click the checkbox (you can verify this status later). 



Existing Account? (Not Common)

Enter your numeric WePay Account ID to connect to an existing WePay Account. The existing account must have been previously created via SwimTopia. This feature is useful if two or more SwimTopia teams need to share the same WePay account. Contact WePay Customer Support for more information about managing accounts.

Step 2: Grant Access

For new accounts, WePay will ask for your name, email, and password that you will use to manage your WePay account, and click the Grant Access button to continue. This is NOT your SwimTopia admin account login. 



Step 3: Verify your account 

Your WePay account is now configured but not quite ready to accept payments. Click the Unverified link to go to the WePay website to enter additional information in your WePay account settings. 

Note: A valid SSN and date of birth is required to verify your account.



In your WePay settings, you can see that SwimTopia has access to your site in the Applications tab in your WePay settings. Revoking access will prevent online payments from being processed on your SwimTopia site.


You will also receive an email from WePay asking you to verify your email address. You only need to do this once, and you will be redirected to SwimTopia.com after verification. 



Step 4: Confirm verification status

Go back to Manage Team : Settings : WePay Configuration or refresh the WePay Configuration page.

If your verification status is now Pending, you are ready to accept online payments on your SwimTopia website. If it is still Unverified, review that you completed the items in Step 3, or contact WePay Customer Support for more information.

Click on the WePay account ID link to view and manage your WePay account anytime, or to complete more identity verification steps on your WePay account's Settings > Trust Center section. Your Verification status does not have any effect on collecting online store or registration payments.

Step 5: Set fee payment preference

WePay's processing fees can be paid by the seller (you) or the buyer (your users). 


Click the Save button to set who pays the fees (the default is paid by the seller). This setting applies to any payments submitted through your site, including registration form payments, RSVP payments, and online store payments.

Note: Some legal jurisdictions prohibit charging payment processing fees to buyers. Please consider seeking legal advice before changing this setting.

Note: WePay charges 2.9% plus 30¢ per transaction to process card payments.


Remove Configuration

Click the Remove Configuration button to start over with a new WePay account, or to link to another existing account. 

Why does WePay require personal info to verify an account?

When you open a WePay account on behalf of your organization (team), WePay will ask for your SSN and date of birth in addition to the business name and EIN. Banking regulations also require a valid physical address (not a PO Box, for example).

Confirming the identity of the individual opening the account is required by US Federal laws and banking regulations. This requirement is not unique to WePay and is common practice when opening a bank or online payment account.

For additional information please see WePay's Account Verification support page.

Some other documentation of the relevant regulations:

How will using WePay affect my taxes?

WePay has a help center article about this: How will using WePay affect my taxes?

Refunds when your WePay account has no funds

If your WePay account reaches a negative balance due to a refund or chargeback, WePay would recover the net amount owed by directly debiting from your linked bank account.

Getting help for issues with WePay

If you need help with WePay issues, please contact the SwimTopia Customer Happiness Team and we can expedite your issue with their support team.

Which Browsers Does WePay Support

According to WePay Customer Support: What Browsers Are Supported By WePay?. We recommend using Google Chrome.

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