SwimTopia for High School Teams

Athlete roster

  • An athlete's date of birth is not required to manually add or import athletes to a High School swim team
  • An athlete's school year can be added to their profile, and when assigned it will be shown instead of age group. If no school year is assigned, the athlete's default affiliation is "Athlete"
  • Grade level designations are initially set to (FR) Freshman, (SO) Sophomore, (JR) Junior, and (SR) Senior, but these can be customized by each team and are included in HY3 roster and entry exports when assigned for each athlete
Registration forms
  • Teams have the option to collect each athlete's school year instead of date of birth (must check to enable this option)
  • Teams can collect an email address for each athlete (optional during registration)
  • There are no age range restrictions for registration or age range overrides on acknowledgement sections 
Meets and events
  • Age-range override and "swim up" options have been removed from meet entry settings
  • Age designations for meet events are ignored for meet entry eligibility
  • Meet entries in the meet entry matrix are not organized by age group -- instead they always display as "Women Open" and "Men Open"
  • Each school year group becomes an automatic mailing list - type in the name of the group in a new message to email all athletes in that group

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