Confirmation Section

The last two sections to configure are Confirmation and Email Confirmation/Replies, which configure messages received after registration and checkout are complete. 


Select Confirmation from the menu and enter a title and body of your closing message, which is displayed after a successful registration.

Enter the email subject and body of your message, and an address to send a cc: if needed.

The same confirmation message as above can be used in the confirmation email unless you check Use custom message below.


Click Save to save your changes and to preview or activate your registration form.


Setting the Reply-to Email Address

In the system-generated registration confirmation email that gets sent to your new members, the "From" field will say [email protected]



If the new member replies to this confirmation email, their reply ends up getting routed to the SwimTopia customer service center.  You can set your Reply-To to help ensure that your replies will end up going to your team rather than to SwimTopia:

In the Confirmation section of the registration form, enter your team administrator's email address in the "Reply-To Address" field and if you want a copy of each confirmation email to be sent to that address, you can check the box next to "Copy each registration confirmation email to this address".  



This will populate the team admin's email address in the Reply-To of each confirmation email, which will help ensure that your members' emails are being sent to their intended recipients.




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