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How do I configure a contact form to be able to direct questions to different emails based on the topic selected?  

By using Gmail for a generic team address (for example, [email protected]) to receive contact form emails, you can use Gmail's built-in filtering based on the subject line to forward to the appropriate private email. This works because the "topics" you can set in the contact form will appear in the subject, which triggers the filter.


Create an email form by dragging in a new Contact Form snippet to a page on your website. Type in topic choices for people to select from when they fill out the contact form.  Set the recipient email address to your generic team Gmail account and click Create.


➞ See more info on the Working with Snippets tutorial. 


From your generic team Gmail account, go to your account Settings by clicking the gear icon.



Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP from the Settings menu, and add a new forwarding address for each team contact that will be handling email from the contact form. 


Each address that you enter here will need to be verified by its account holder, who will receive a verification email with a link to give permission for Gmail to forward messages from the team account. Until they click the verification link, emails will not be forwarded. 


Select Filters from the Settings menu and then Create a New Filter for each topic you entered in the Topics List in Step 1. 

Use the following format in the Subject line: [Contact form TOPIC: <your topic>]

For example:


Click Create filter with this search and then check the Forward it to: checkbox. Any verified email addresses will be available for you to select here - choose one for this filter to forward to, and click the Create Filter button to save it.

» Note: Gmail will not automatically save copies of these emails.

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