Entries Settings, Meet Entry Fees and Participation Requirements

Entry settings per meet can be customized in Manage Team > Schedule > Meet > Entries > Settings.

Changes you make here apply to that particular meet. These entry settings are copied when you copy a meet, so you can add them to your Meet Template to save time.

  1. The maximum number of individual, relay and total (combined) events allowed per athlete.
  2. If checked all relay alternate entries will count towards the per athlete relay entry limit.
  3. Restrict how recent a time must have been posted to be eligible for this meet. Typically used to limit entry times to meets from the same season.
  4. If checked allows parents/swimmers to indicate which individual events they want to swim at the upcoming meet via online meet entry.
  5. If swimmer is entering event for the first time, will request parent to confirm that coach as approved entry in this event. Used to discourage parents from signing swimmers up for new events without first checking with the coach. Coaches can view these swimmers via the 'First Time Entrants' report.Coach_confirmation.png
  6. If checked parents will be prompted to indicate their availability to swim relays, choosing from early/late or none. 
  7. If a swimmer indicates they will not be available for a relay, require them to provide an explanation of why they will not be available. This option discourages opting out out of relays for mere convenience. 
  8. If checked, and text box will be provided to allow parents/swimmers to include a note to accompany their meet declaration. These comments will appear in the Meet Entry Matrix. Roll over the "notes" icon to see the comments entered.
  9. If checked, parents/swimmers will be able to see their entries on relay teams.
  10. Entry will only be allowed if swimmer has previously posted a valid time in the event. Event will be disabled for online entry by parent, but coaches can override in Meet Entry Matrix (overrides are indicated by orange block):Valid_Entry_Times_Coach.png
  11. Results from meets set to be "unofficial" (time trials, practice meets, etc) will not used for seeding.
  12. If the swimmer has times from another SwimTopia account, use those times for seeding. 
  13. If checked requires a swimmer be entered in at least one individual event in order to be eligible to swim on a relay.
  14. If not checked, athletes will be limited to at most one freestyle and one medley relay.
  15. Allow entry of additional alternate athletes per relay.
  16. If checked 'undeclared' athletes will appear on participant report and be eligible to be included in relays.
  17. In the case of a rain-out, this would allow meet entries to count toward championship meet participation requirements.

Meet Entry Fees

Meet entry fees are added as Host Fees and Athlete Fees.

Note: This setting will calculate meet entry fees but does not enable online payment or collection of entry fees at this time. Detailed fee reports can be found in Manage Team > Reports > Swim Meets > Meet Entry Fees.

  • The meet host fees are the fees the meet host charges the team when they submit their entries.
  • The athlete fees are the fees the team charges the athletes.
  • By default, the meet host fees will be passed through to the athlete fees unchanged, but the team has the option of overriding those charges, either to increase the fees to cover coaching and travel costs, or to discount or eliminate fees the team will cover, such as relay entry fees. Click Override next to the Athlete Surcharge, Individual Event Entry Fee or Relay Event Entry Fee to change what is charged to individual athletes by the team.
  • Because relays are subject to last-minute changes, athlete relay fees are often more accurately calculated based on actual results, so you can charge athletes for relays based on meet results instead of meet entries. 
  • Should an athlete only entered as a relay alternate be charged the per-athlete surcharge?



Participation Requirements

You can add multiple rules to define the participation requirements of a meet.


Ineligible Athletes

Setting these rules will enable a new report under Entries > Reports > Ineligible Athletes.

This report will show the swimmers that do NOT meet the participation requirements defined by the rules above and will show the participation for each swimmer including which meets they swam in and the number of swims per meet.


NOTE: If you had a meet that was cancelled or cut short due to weather, and the league has decided to allow entries in that meet to count toward the meet participation requirement, there is a new setting that will allow you to model this behavior. See #14 above

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