Importing Team Roster and Time History

We can import team rosters and time history files from your existing TeamUnify or Team Manager database into your SwimTopia website.

If you don’t use either of these, don’t worry. It’s not important or even that valuable to have last season’s parent and athlete information without the time history. The SwimTopia Registration process will collect all the personal data for you.

Follow the export instructions below: 

Hy-Tek Team Manager

Team Roster & Time History

It is useful to have a complete time history for each swimmer, as well as a record of the seasons each swimmer has been affiliated with the team. This is best exported from Hy-Tek Team Manager. If your team does not have a current Hy-Tek Team Manager database, please contact us for additional assistance to get your time history loaded into SwimTopia.
In Hy-Tek Team Manager, the roster and time history are exported as follows:
  1.    From the File menu, go to Export > Generic MS Access
   2.  Be sure to select the option to export athlete information, individual and relay results and click OK to save the file. The file name should end in ".mdb".  
   3.  The resulting file will begin with "GenericData" and end with ".mdb".  E.g., "GenericDataMosasaurs.mdb". If the name doesn't resemble that, double check the steps above to make sure you are performing an export.
Now you're ready to upload the file to your SwimTopia site.



Team Roster

This will include parent information to help us associate parents with swimmers during registration.
In TeamUnify, the team roster is exported as follows:
  1.    Login to your TeamUnify account
  2.    Go to Team/Account Management
  3.    Click on the Members tab, click "Select all", then click the Excel export button and save the file. The file name should end in ".xls"


Upload the File

Our support site (ZenDesk) limits attachments to tickets sent to to 1MB.

Instead of attaching your Team Manager roster export, or any other large files to a support ticket, please upload them to your site as follows:

  1. Go to Manage Team > Settings > Uploaded Files
  2. Click Add File and choose the export file you just created on your local hard drive
  3. Click Save
  4. Send an email to to notify us that there is a file waiting that needs importing (we are not automatically notified when you upload files to this area and these files are not automatically imported)
  5. Turnaround time for uploading new team history files is usually 24 hours.

Tip: This is a good place to upload and store any other files that you need to reference from your website. Once you have uploaded the file, right-click on the file name and copy the link to your clipboard, and use the link in any text areas to create a link so that your users can download the file.

 If you have any problems uploading your file to this area of the site, email for other options.
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    Bishop Estates Swim Team

    What happens if we didn't complete this step before our season started? Can it be done after the fact without any issues?

  • 0
    Lorin Rivers

    @Bishop Estates—going to follow up via email, but the Team History can be imported at any time.

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    As we start a new season is it helpful / important to upload last season's results? It seems like this might only be helpful if the roster was identical. Thanks in advance.

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