Assigning USA Swimming ID numbers

How do I assign USA Swimming ID numbers?

USS ID numbers are not auto-assigned by default during registration, but there are several ways you can assign a USS ID to an athlete.  

Option 1:

Turn on ID auto-assignment for all new athletes in Manage Team > Settings > Team Information.  And below that setting, you'll see an option to "Generate USS IDs for existing athletes."

Option 2:

Retroactively auto-generate USA Swimming IDs for any athletes that do not already have an assigned ID in Manage Team > Settings > Data Maintenance Tools.

See the Data Maintenance Tools support article for more information.

Option 3:

Hand-enter USS ID numbers in People > Athlete > Edit (edit link is in the top right corner) and then enter the USS ID in the Registration number field.

Please note: the USS ID format is based upon the LEGAL first name, middle initial, last name and birth date of the athlete. To accurately generate USS ID's it is important this information is captured correctly in your team database.


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