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Meet Results: File Transfer/Upload Process



  • Cewswimz97

    I have no problem importing times from meet manager. However, in past years, when importing the Results file from MM into SwimTopia, it also imported the split times from relays and then updated the times for each swimmer that appear when using the Relay creation feature in SwimTopia. This is no longer happening. I do have the 'include split times' box checked when exporting from MM. This is very important for me in making the right relays, especially as a relay-dominant league. Can anyone help- has something changed, or is there a setting I need to change? Thanks!

  • Jeff Malick

    I was asked the following questions after uploading, can you please explain.

    QuestionAnswerAuto-create athletes for meet?
    2 would be created
    Skip Auto-creating invalid athletes for meet?
    1 would be skipped


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