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How do I upload/import meet results?

1) Meet results exported as .ZIP archives from Meet Manager and Team Manager can be imported directly into each completed meet. 

  • These results will appear a swimmer's time history, are included in your athlete reports, and can help with automatic relay generation. 
  • To export a results file from a Meet Manager database, select File > Export > Meet Results for Team Manager or SWIMS or NCAA from the Meet Manager file menu. The exported file should have the extension .ZIP and will be an archive that contains two files: one .HY3 file and one .CL2 file. 
  • To import these results into SwimTopia, go to Manage Team > Schedule > Select Meet Name > Results > Import, click the "Choose File" button and select the .ZIP export above from your local drive for your selected meet, and then click on the "Upload File" button.
  • When loading results from a dual meet, SwimTopia looks for your team's abbreviation in the Meet Manager results file, which is set in Manage Team > Settings > Team Information.
  • When the abbreviation you have entered in your settings matches one of the abbreviations in the results file, those results are automatically loaded. When there is no match, a list of teams in the file are shown so the admin can choose which team to upload.
  • Results are automatically loaded and should not take more than a few minutes. The status should update from Queued for processing to Completed within a few minutes. If the status updates to None check to ensure the file was exported properly and is in the correct format.
  • SwimTopia can import swim meet results in following formats (typically exported from Hy-Tek Meet Manager)
    • zip: (preferred) Results are typically exported in a zip file containing the results. You can upload the zip file directly, and we'll automatically unzip it and select the best available format.
    • hy3: This is Hy-Tek's proprietary format and contains the most detail
    • sdif/sd3: This is a format standardized by USA Swimming used by some non-Hy-Tek meet management software. If you have results in this file type, please contact support, or convert to hy3 format in Team Manager before uploading.
    Note: results exports from Team Manager does not include seed times, therefore SwimTopia can not compute or display percentage improved in the Results Summary, as the required data is not provided. 
    cl2 files aren't supported, this is an older Hy-Tek format from Meet Manager 2.0 and before. 
2) A meet result report in .PDF format can be attached to the meet or uploaded to the site.
  • This file will appear alongside the corresponding meet in your website's meet schedule. 
  • PDFs are not imported and do on affect the results.
  • These results are formatted for view/download only.
  • In Meet Maestro, save the Results report in PDF format (see instructions below) 
  • Or if using Meet Manager, create a meet results report.
  • Go to Manage Team > Schedule > Select Meet Name > Files, click the New Attachment button and select the .PDF report above from your local drive for your selected meet.

Saving Reports in PDF Format

For both SwimTopia and Meet Maestro reports you can save reports in PDF format through your computer’s print function:

  • Click “Print”
  • For “Destination,” click “Change”
  • Select “Save as PDF”

Can I upload a corrected results file?

Yes. When you upload a revised results file from Meet Manager to a meet that already has results loaded, existing results are replaced without duplicating or "doubling up," as long as the files are uploaded one after the other and not simultaneously. If you do notice duplicate results, wait a few minutes and upload one results file again to replace the previous duplicates.

What if my meet in SwimTopia has no events?

Importing Meet Results into a meet with no events. If your meet in SwimTopia has no events set up, importing the results will create events in SwimTopia for every event that has a swimmer’s time.

What if the events in SwimTopia don’t match the events in the results file?

You will see “Pending Review” SwimTopia’s Happiness team will be notified

How does SwimTopia know not to try to import the swimmer information from the other teams?

Uploaded results are grouped by team, and we identify the team by the team abbreviation, or will ask you to select a team during import if it is unclear.

You can set your team abbreviation in Manage Team > Settings > Team Information.


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    Jeff Malick

    I was asked the following questions after uploading, can you please explain.

    QuestionAnswerAuto-create athletes for meet?
    2 would be created
    Skip Auto-creating invalid athletes for meet?
    1 would be skipped

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    I have no problem importing times from meet manager. However, in past years, when importing the Results file from MM into SwimTopia, it also imported the split times from relays and then updated the times for each swimmer that appear when using the Relay creation feature in SwimTopia. This is no longer happening. I do have the 'include split times' box checked when exporting from MM. This is very important for me in making the right relays, especially as a relay-dominant league. Can anyone help- has something changed, or is there a setting I need to change? Thanks!

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