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Why are some seed times missing on meet entries? 

First, check to make sure the swimmer's imported record is synced up with their registration record. See this entry about syncing swimmers for more info.

When setting up the swim meet you can configure if and how times are converted from yards to meters or vice versa. By default if you specify the meet course to be "meters" all times will be converted to meters for you. 

In the Meet Entry Matrix grid, any seed time shown with a asterisk * indicates the time has been converted. If you hover your mouse over the time, it will show you the original unconverted time, as the date and name of the meet the time originated from.

When the times are exported both the converted time and unconverted (original) time are included, which is the expected behavior for meet entries. See this article about exporting meet entries for more information.

Sometimes, moving up an age bracket (i.e. 9-10's to 11-12's) changes a swimmer's eligible events from 25's to 50's. Therefore, those swimmers are starting from scratch with no official times because of the distance change. 

How do I add custom seed times for a swimmer?

Admins can enter custom seed times for any swimmer from Manage Team > Schedule > Meet > Entries
You can enter times for all events that the swimmer is eligible to swim during that meet. Note that these entered times will not carry over to other meets, as they are only used for seeding one meet at a time. 
To enter custom times, follow these steps:
  1. Select a meet from your schedule, and then use the age-group selection list to find the swimmer you are adding custom times for. 
  2. Click the pencil icon and enter the times. Select Y (yards) or S (meters) in the Custom time column for each stroke. Enter times in # : ## . ## format.
  3. If applicable, check the Exh box to indicate an Exhibition time - these are ineligible for points, ribbons, etc.
  4. Click Save.

How do I exclude old or unofficial times so they are not used for seeding meets?

You can manage which times will be considered for seeding meets in the Entries Settings for each meet in Schedule > Meet > Entries > Settings. 

Excluding times based on a date

Select Only accept entry times since and enter a start date to exclude any times recorded before that date.


Excluding unofficial times

Any unofficial (i.e. practice meets or time trials) meet can be marked "unofficial" in Schedule > Meet > Edit: 


When this setting is selected, results for the meet will not be considered as a seed time for another meet configured with the "only allow official times" entry setting. Results from this meet will also be excluded from high point and top/best times reports.

Select Require official entry times in your meet entry settings to exclude results imported into unofficial or Time Trial meets.



Use a combination of these settings to select which seed times you want to use for your meets.  

Seed times and Team Manager compatibility

When importing entries into Team Manager, seed times will not be extracted from the entries file. Team Manager will instead look first to the database of times already loaded into Team Manager.

Team Manager matches swimmers to times in its database using the exact full name (including middle initial) of the swimmer plus date of birth. If some swimmers do not have seed times after importing entries into Team Manager, that would indicate that either (a) Team Manager does not have any times/results for those swimmers or (b) the names or birthdates do not match exactly (most commonly this is due to different middle initial or first name). 

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