Customizing Registration Fees

How can we offer different registration fees for certain groups?

Age-Range Fee Override

Each registration form offers flexible preferences for you to set fees and sibling discounts per swimmer, but you can also override those fees for certain age groups. For added flexibility on other team fees, the age-range override is also available in Acknowledgements that require a fee, and for event RSVP's.

Athlete Roster Groups

Using the Athlete Roster Group feature you can define multiple athlete groups within your team and you can require group selection during registration, including the ability to assign different pricing based on the selected group.

Multiple Registration Forms

Many SwimTopia teams have also used additional registration forms to offer certain groups a discounted or altered pricing structure. Examples include offering discounted fees for first-year families and board members, or a separate registration system for one-time clinics or classes.

Your team can have as many registration forms open as you like in a season. Simply duplicate your team registration form, and change the relevant sections to suit your group.

If you'd prefer to keep any registration form private, you have that option. When you mark a registration form private, only those who have the private form link will be able access it. You will see this link when you click the Registration tab of the Manage Team console. It's up to you how you make this link available, either through an email message or on a private login-only page on your website.

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When your users click the Register Now button (activated by the Registration Alert snippet), they will get a list of open/active registration forms for that season to choose from. Private forms are NOT displayed in this list (see above).

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