My results are using the wrong course, what do I do?

Changing the Meet’s Course AFTER Results are set

If you change the Course of a Meet after Results are set (by importing a results file, by migrating data from another system, or by using Results > Edit) the results will use the new course. The results are not converted, the time is now reported as being in the new course, but the actual time is unchanged.

If the Meet’s Course is set to the correct one, but the results are still in a different course, you will need to change the course twice to get the change to occur. For example, if you have a meet where the course is set to SCM and the results are set to SCY (but should have been SCM), you will need to change the course of the meet to SCY, then save, then set the course to SCM, and save again for the results to show SCM.

Imported Results

SwimTopia imports the results in the course the results file declares. If the course is set to SCY (Short Course Yards) in the the meet results file, that’s what the results will show. Likewise with SCM (meters). The course the meet is set to in SwimTopia at the time of importing the results does not affect the course of the results.

Edited Results

The course the meet is using when you edit the results will be the course the result is set to unless you change the course of the meet. As above, you may need to change the course twice to have the results set to the correct course.

Setting a Meet’s Course

Go to Manage Team > Schedule and click the meet to view the meet:


Then click the “Edit” button:


Scroll down the to the Course (pool length) menu and click the menu:


to select a new Course:


And then save the meet.

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