League Store

Your league can use the Online Store feature to offer merchandise to any member of a SwimTopia team in your league.  This is a popular feature for selling league-wide gear and items, including examples such as:

  • League-branded merchandise, like a league t-shirt or sweatshirt
  • Championship meet t-shirts
  • Heat sheets for a championship meet or all-start meet
  • Personalized ads in a league-wide meet program

Detailed order reports allow you to track orders by team, allowing you to batch the orders for easier distribution of merchandise to each team.

Setting up your League Online Store

We offer a series of Help Center articles geared towards getting your Online Store set up.  Here are the steps you'll follow:

1. Set up your merchandise products

Help Center article with step-by-step instructions:  Setting up Merchandise

While creating merchandise items, you can include an image, a description, and the price. We offer the flexibility to add various options, such as shirt sizes for league t-shirts, or personalization for things like a heat-sheet shout-out.



2. Enable your Online Store and set up your web page

Help Center article with step-by-step instructions:  Setting up the Online Store

Members of your league's teams (who are also on SwimTopia) will be able to place orders in your online store.



3. Manage your orders with reporting

Help Center article with step-by-step instructions: Managing Online Store Orders

Along with Pack List and Pick list reports listed in the above Help Center article, leagues can also run reports by team:  Pick List by Organization and Order Pick-Up Checklist. 



Here's an example of the Item Summary by Organization (Pick List) -- see the team names along the left column:



Here's an example of the Order Pickup Checklist, separated by team:






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