Sharing Roles with Member Teams

The League can define roles and share them with the member teams. These roles will appear in the Roles tab of each member team with a tag indicating they are shared roles. When member teams assign people to shared roles, those people will appear in the league’s role assignments list.

A shared role will also be assignable on the league site, but that assignment will be for the league site only and not be shared with the member teams. In other words, if there’s a President shared role on the league site, the league can assign a league member to that role, but they will be President on the league site only, not on the member teams’ sites.

If the league creates a shared role with the same name as a role already created by a member team, the shared role will automatically connect with the existing role and it will become a shared role on the team site, but will continue to have whatever settings the member team has chosen. In other words, the team’s role doesn’t get modified except for the “shared role” designation.

The teams can change everything in a shared role except for the name of the role. This includes the description, the privileges, and all the other attributes of a role, as well as who on the team is assigned to that role.

On the league site, if the role has administrative permissions assigned, the people assigned to that shared role on the member teams’ sites will have those permissions on the league site. So if a shared role has “All administrative permissions” or “Some administrative permissions” set on the league site, the people assigned to that role on a member team’s site will have those permissions on the league site.league-roles.png


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Roles Page

League Site

Create a Shared Role

On league sites, there’s an additional option when creating or assigning a role:
This is shared with all member organizations

If you want to share that role, click the checkbox and it will be shared with all member teams.

Team Site

For shared roles, the member team can edit everything except the name of the role and there’s a notification at the top of the role editing page indicating it’s a shared role. Shared roles have a blue badge with the league abbreviation, indicating it is a shared role.


Role Assignment

League Site


Team Site

Assigning a person to a shared role for the team in the league is identical to the process of doing so for a team only role.

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League administrators can send a message to all the role assignees for all the teams in the league at once. So in the above, the league could address a message to “Clerk of Course/Ready Bench” and all 11 people on all the teams assigned to that role would receive that message.

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