Shared Roles

Roles are used for communication and to manage permissions.  See more about Roles in our Help Center section about Roles.

  • Your teams who use SwimTopia can define Roles within their team
  • A league can define Roles specific to the league
  • A  league can also create Shared Roles -- roles that are pushed down to all of their SwimTopia teams

Shared Roles are used for positions that are common to all of the league’s teams, and especially when the league admins would like visibility to the assignments for those positions.  Examples can include: Team President, League Rep, Head Coach, Computer Person, and other board members.

The benefits of Shared Roles include:

  • League admins can see who has been assigned to Shared Roles
  • League admins can communicate with all members of Shared Roles
  • There is consistency in Role names across all of the league’s teams

Creating a Shared Role

Go to Manage League > Roles, and click on “New Role.”

While setting up the role, check the box next to “This is shared with all member organizations.” (If you do not check this box, the Role will only be a “local” Role on the league’s SwimTopia site and will not be pushed down to the League’s teams’ sites).


NOTE: While setting up a Shared Role, if you assign any administrative permissions (full or partial) to this role, the people assigned to that Shared Role will have those permissions on the league site.

Shared Roles will appear on the Roles page with a blue badge with a link icon that says SHARED:



Editing a Shared Role on the Team Site

When team admins go to Manage Team > Roles on their site, they’ll see all Shared Roles with a blue badge with a link icon and the league abbreviation:


Team admins can edit any Shared Role by clicking on the name of the role.

The teams can change everything in a Shared Role except for the name of the role. This includes the description, the privileges, and all the other attributes of a role.  If the team admin assigns any administrative permissions (full or partial) to this role, the people assigned to that Shared Role will have those permissions on the team site.

Note: If the league creates a Shared Role with the same name as a role already created by a member team, the Shared Role will automatically connect with the existing role and it will become a Shared Role on the team site, but will continue to have whatever settings the member team has chosen.

Role Assignment

When assigning people to Roles, League admins can only select names from their own “People” page.  Therefore, Shared Roles assignments must be made by the team admins.

On the team site, assigning a person to a Shared Role is identical to the process of doing so for a team-only role.  For more information, See this Help Center article: Assigning Volunteers to Roles

Once the team admins assign names to the Shared Roles, you’ll see how many names have been assigned to a Shared Role:


To view the team members’ names assigned to each Shared Role:

Go to Manage League > Roles and click on “Assign Roles” in the upper right corner

There you’ll see a list of names assigned to each Role:

  • Shared Roles will be identified with a blue ‘Shared” badge, and all assignees will be identified with a gray badge that includes the team’s abbreviation
  • All other Roles are local to the league’s site


IMPORTANT NOTE: The Role assignees shown here are from each site’s Current Season.  Shared Roles will show the team’s assignees from that team’s Current Season. “Local” roles will display assignees from the league’s Current Season.

Assigning Roles to People on non-SwimTopia Teams

If there are some teams in your league which are not SwimTopia teams, you can still make Role Assignments to the Shared Roles.  First, add those people to your roster by either asking them to register on your site or by adding them as a Parent on your site.  Once they’re in your “local” roster, you’ll be able to assign them to a Shared Role. See more in our Help Center article about Managing People.


League administrators can send a message to all the assignees of a Shared Role in the Communications section of their site.  For more information, see our Help Center article about League Communications


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