Getting Started Guide for Swim-Team.US Customers

Welcome to SwimTopia!  This guide will provide a launching pad for getting your new site up and running quickly!

With your new SwimTopia account, we have migrated the data from your Swim-Team.US site to your new SwimTopia site, including rosters, times histories, and most website content.

As you begin working with your new SwimTopia site, some of the first things you’ll want to do will be to manage your settings and add new admins:

Admin Menu and Settings Menu

Adding New Admins

Your Site’s Content

In general, the menus and pages on your new SwimTopia site are the same as those from your Swim-Team.US site.  Your pages are in the same locations and contain the same content (including blank pages).

The pages and their content that have been transferred include:

  • Home page
  • News page & the news items/posts
  • Sponsors page & the sponsors
  • About us page
  • Contact/feedback page
  • Swim meet page
  • Registration page (but not registration forms)
  • Links

To learn more about working with the look and feel of your new SwimTopia site, here are some Help Center articles:

Pages and Navigation

Editing Page Content with Snippets

➞ Customizing your site’s appearance

➞ Web Content vs. News Posts

Looking for ideas for your new SwimTopia site?

Customers’ SwimTopia sites - check out the look and feel, menu choices, and content on other SwimTopia sites

SwimTopia new site template - features menus and template pages that we offer to new teams, complete with snippet examples and links to Help Center articles. Due to your site migration, you won’t be starting with this site template, but you can check it out for ideas while you set up your SwimTopia website.

Your Team Information

Your team’s information has been migrated as well. The information that has been migrated includes:

  • People
    • Roster (swimmers)
    • Families, including parent/child relationships
    • Admins
    • Roles and who is assigned to them
    • Age groups

To learn more about managing the People in your new SwimTopia site, see the following Help Center articles:

Managing People (admins, parents, kids, and coaches)

Defining Roles 

  • Volunteering
    • Job templates

Learn more about how SwimTopia manages Job Templates:

Job Templates

Jobs and Shifts 

  • Times Histories

Your swimmers' times histories have been automatically loaded into your site.

Viewing Imported Team Roster and History 

  • Meets

All of your past meets have been automatically transferred to your new site. And you’ll love how SwimTopia allows you to manage swim meets, including online meet entries, easy meet lineups, one-click relay generation, online volunteer signup, and more. See our Help Center articles about the increased functionality you’ll have with our Meets module :

Meets and Events

Meet Templates

Schedule and Seasons


Note: All the photos from your Swim-Team.US site have been transferred to your new SwimTopia site. These files are available for download as a .zip archive from your team's Uploaded Files area. We recommend uploading your photos to a dedicated photo-sharing site like Flickr or SmugMug. We encourage you to use a photo-sharing service to organize your photos. With Snippets, we make it easy to embed slideshows from other services into your website. 


Here are some other features that SwimTopia offers that will help you get started:  

  • Registration 

Configure a registration form to sign up parents and athletes for your current season. Enable electronically signed waivers, role preference or job shift selection, and team merchandise ordering all in one place.

Creating a New Registration Form  

  • Communications 

Sending emails to your families is easy and intuitive. You can send email from our Communications Center, from within a meet, or from one of our many reports. Emails can be sent to individuals, people in Roles, families with an age group, and more. We also offer several articles in our Help Center that are geared towards your parents and may be useful for sharing with your team.


How-To Guides for Parents  

  • Reporting 

SwimTopia offers a robust Reports Module, including meet participants, volunteer assignments, athlete performance, team rosters, emergency contacts, and more. Other reports can be found within various modules.  


Frequently Asked Questions

As you ramp up for the new season, we're finding that a lot of customers are asking similar questions.  Please take a moment to read our Frequently Asked Questions

Need help?

This is just the beginning of getting you on your way to setting up your new SwimTopia site. As you can see, our Help Center is full of helpful articles.  

 Our Customer Happiness Team is always on hand to help with any questions you may have:

  • Send email to [email protected]
  • Open a Help Center Request
  • Click on the orange “Help” button on your SwimTopia website
  • Call 877 856 2940, option 2. We answer the phones 9am-6pm Central Time. After hours you can leave a message and we’ll return your call as soon as possible.
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