Swim-Team.US Migration Reference

Swim-Team.US Migration Reference

Welcome to SwimTopia! SwimTopia migrated data from your Swim-Team.US site as part of your signup process. The migration process continues to improve and as it does, SwimTopia will migrate more of your Swim-Team.US information, such as athlete time history, meets, and so on.

Use this guide to orient yourself to the differences between Swim-Team.US and SwimTopia and where to look in SwimTopia to find the transferred information. You’ll find a more general guide to the basics of setting up your SwimTopia site and managing your team in our SwimTopia Quick Start Guide.

Making Changes

You’ll access team administration via the menu at the very top of the page:

All visitors to your site will see the first and last items: My Account and Sign In/Sign Out. Only people with administrative privileges will see Manage Site and Manage Team. To edit site content, select an item from the “Manage Site” menu. To administer the team, choose “Manage Team”—what Swim-Team.US calls “Console.” The SwimTopia Quick Start Guide contains a good introduction about getting started with SwimTopia.

Your site’s content

In general, each page on your Swim-Team.US site appears at the same location on your SwimTopia site. Your SwimTopia site’s menu duplicates your Swim-Team.US menu. Each page migrated has the same content as well—including pages without content, they’ll be blank in both locations.

Right now, the pages & their content (including pictures) that migrate are:

  • Home page
  • News page & the news items/posts
  • Sponsors page & the sponsors
  • About us page
  • Contact/feedback page
  • Swim meet page (but not meets or other calendar events).
  • Registration page (but not registration forms)

Your team information

Much of your team’s information migrated as well, with more to come as we improve the tools.

Currently, the information that migrates is:

  • Roster (swimmers)
  • Families, including parent/child relationships
  • Admins
  • Roles and who is assigned to them
  • Age groups

Key differences between SwimTopia and Swim-Team.US

SwimTopia and Swim-Team.US have many of the same capabilities but approach the same problem in different ways, with different organization and in some cases, different terminology.


In Swim-Team.US almost everything on the site is created as a Post, while in SwimTopia, a page can contain any number of “Snippets” each of which might be a different kind of Snippet. For more details, check out the Quick Start Guide. There is a “News” section in SwimTopia, and that has Posts. SwimTopia has “Feature Pages” which have content not supplied by Snippets, but by information from the Administration side. Pages also have Page Content and Template Content, accessed separately (via the Manage Site menu).


In SwimTopia there are two kinds of items on your schedule: Swim Meets (and what Swim-Team.US calls RSVPs, SwimTopia calls Swimmer Sign Up or Attendance Declaration) and Calendar Events—which are non-swim meet events, such as a pizza party or a team meeting (and these are what SwimTopia calls RSVPs). Parents can declare if their athletes are attending or not attending a swim meet and optionally, pick events for the swimmers (this is up to the team, though). RSVPs can have payment options as well.

SwimTopia includes meet management as part of the package. Meets have events (age group, stroke, and distance), qualifying times, individual entries, relay entries, entry and roster export for Hy-Tek, and Hy-Tek results import. SwimTopia does not currently run meets (i.e., seeding, laning, and scoring) though you can enter results for individual events.


SwimTopia doesn’t currently offer a calendar grid view but instead presents the items on your schedule in a list. SwimTopia’s calendar (or Schedule) doesn’t provide recurring events or a calendar subscription service, either, sorry for the inconvenience. Using the “Upcoming Events” snippet on your home page can help parents find the important information about your schedule.


SwimTopia doesn’t currently offer a way to send text messages but it’s definitely on our roadmap.


Sending new posts as an email is not something that SwimTopia currently offers.


In SwimTopia, use the “Manage Team” menu in place of “Console” in Swim-Team.US.

In SwimTopia, Manage Team contains these pages:

  • People: athletes and parents, by season
  • Roles: roles and privileges they have & assigning people to roles
  • Schedule: swim meets, non-swim meets, volunteering, and seasons
  • Registration: registration form creation
  • Communications: communication with the team via outbound email
  • Merchandise: catalog of merchandise items and order management
  • Website: create and remove pages, arrange them for navigation, manage posts and sponsors, overall website settings
  • Reports: numerous detailed reports on all aspects of the team
  • Settings: number of configuration options, some data tools, WePay setup

Each page in Manage Team has an orange “Help” bubble that lists three Help Center articles about the current page—this is a great way to get more information about what that part of SwimTopia does and how it works.

Where to find functions in SwimTopia that are similar to these Swim-Team.US tools:

Pane Tool SwimTopia
Site Administration    
  Security Admin Roles & Role Assignment or click the individual person in People
  Site Appearance Website and its sub-tabs, particularly Site Settings and Advanced Site Settings
  Site Navigation Website or Manage Site > Edit Navigation
  Custom Pages Website > New Page
  Photos SwimTopia doesn’t have a direct equivalent, but snippets can include pictures
  Documents Settings > Uploaded Files or the File Attachments snippet on a page
  No Ads SwimTopia doesn’t have ads
Team Administration    
  Team Information Website > Site Settings and Settings > Team Information
  Parent Directory People—Parents and Athletes are both included in People
  Roster People—Parents and Athletes are both included in People
  Registration Admin Registration
  Accounts Payable SwimTopia doesn’t currently have a billing feature, but does offer complete registration fee collection and online merchandise sales
  Upload Roster Migration includes your roster. SwimTopia can also import Team Manager data.
  Export Roster Reports > Athlete Roster > Export Roster
Meet Administration    
  RSVP Schedule includes a list of meets (attendance declaration) and calendar events (RSVPs)
  Volunteer Management Schedule > Job Templates and each swim meet or calendar event can have jobs and shifts
  Meet Management Schedule > Swim Meet
  Upload Results Schedule > Swim Meet > Results
  View Meet Results Schedule > Swim Meet > Results
  Emailing and Texting Communications—SwimTopia has email but not texting
  Send a Text Not currently available in SwimTopia
  Notifications SwimTopia doesn’t have automatic notifications at the moment
  Polls You can include a third party poll widget on a page
  Super Admin When SwimTopia migrated your info, that included the “Super Admin” role and all the people with that role are assigned to it in SwimTopia. That Role has “All Administrative Permissions.” In SwimTopia, there’s an “Admin” designation which is essentially the same, but not set up as role. See the Help Center Article: Defining Roles

More Help

Make sure to review the Quick Start Guide, take a look at the SwimTopia Help Center, take advantage of the free one-hour One-on-One setup session and naturally, feel free to contact the Customer Happiness team at any time!

  • Via email: Send email to [email protected]
  • Via the web: Open a Help Center Request
  • From your SwimTopia site: Click on the orange “Help” button on your SwimTopia website
  • Free phone support: Call 877 856 2940, option 2. We answer the phones 9am-6pm Central Time. After hours you can leave a message and we’ll return your call as soon as possible.
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