A parent can't see their child, but they're on the current roster

Sometimes a parent can't see their child under "My Account," in meet sign-ups, or for RSVPs, but you can see the child listed under "People," affiliated with the current season.  Seems like a mystery!

Usually this is caused when a parent has registered for the team across multiple seasons using two different email addresses, creating two different records.

Let's use John Doe as an example:

[email protected] -- affiliated with the 2016 season, with 7yo daughter Janey
[email protected] -- affiliated with 2017, with 5yo son Johhny plus 8yo Janey
This has created two distinct, separate records for John Doe - as if it's two different people.

If John Doe logs in with the 2016 email address, he would be logging in as the parent from 2016 -- and at that time, Johnny was too young to be on the team.  So when John Doe logs in, he only sees the one child that was attached to his 2016 record, Janey.

If this happens, our Customer Happiness Specialists will need to merge the two records for John Doe.

Your steps:

  • For an immediate solution, let the parent know they need to log in with this year's email address - from there, they'll be able to see their child for meet signups, RSVPs, etc.
  • Ask the parent which email address they'd prefer to use going forward
  • Contact our Help Center at [email protected] with the following information: the parent's name and the email address they'd prefer to use and ask us to merge the duplicate records

Voila!  Mystery solved!

One way to help prevent this is to encourage returning parents to sign in before registering. If a parent is logged into their SwimTopia account and visits the registration page, we will automatically pre-load data from the prior year's registration (if any). You can enable an option on your registration form so that if a user is not logged in, we can display a message prompting them to log in to pre-load their prior season's data. 

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