How do I set up practice groups with limits to swimmers per group?

One way to handle this is to use a set of registration forms combined with Athlete Roster Groups (ARG).


  1. Set up an ARG for each practice slot—many times these are loosely skill (and hence probably age) based, so setting age ranges with some overlap will work.
  2. Create a minimal Registration Form for the first slot (give it the title of the first slot).
    1. No registration fee
    2. Set a Registration Limit (button at the top of the form’s first tab
      1. Limit registrations counting: only registrations via this form and set it to the size you want this practice group to be
    3. On the Athlete Groups tab
      1. Enable this section
      2. Select only the first slot ARG
    4. No other tabs need to be enabled
    5. Save
  3. Repeat for each slot, choosing the proper ARG for the slot
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