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If a league (or governing organization) has acknowledgements or waivers that members of its teams must complete upon registration, the league can set up that acknowledgement on its SwimTopia site as a Shared Acknowledgement Section, and it will be available to all of the league's teams who also use SwimTopia.  These acknowledgement sections can even include league fees, which can then be paid directly to the league.

Setting up a Shared Form Section

For any league or governing organization, there is a “Shared Form Sections” tab under “Registrations.”  Go to Manage League > Registrations.


To add a new shared section, click on the green "Add Form Section" button.



If you check the "Published" box, the shared form section will automatically be made *available* on all Registration Forms of all the League’s member teams. It is not automatically added to every form (because teams use forms for lots of different things).

The Shared Form can include additional fees, to be paid to the league.  


League fees can be set up in a variety of ways:

  • Per registration
  • Per athlete
  • By age range
  • With a date trigger

Shared Form Sections can also have multiple date/time-triggered fee structures. The base fee structure applies up until the date/time of the first Date Based Fee Set. After that date, the fees for that Fee Set apply. You can have any number of these fees set; the current one always applies. (This is a way to automatically manage early discounts and late fees.) 

The shared acknowledgement section fees can be set to exclude non-competitive athletes. We offer a separate check to “lock” the non-competitive swimmer fee setting. If it is locked, the teams in the league cannot change the setting of the league. If it is not locked, the setting on the league form is the default, but each team can override that setting.

Collecting League Fees

If fees are associated with the shared acknowledgement section, those fees will be earmarked for the league or governing organization. If the league has a working WePay account, and the parent checks out using WePay on the team registration (which means the team has enabled WePay too), then the portion of the league money associated with shared section will go straight to the league's WePay account.

To enable the league's WePay account, go to Manage League > Settings > WePay Configuration.  See our Help Center article on setting up your WePay Configuration.

If the league doesn’t have WePay set up, or if the parent checks out with something other than WePay (check or membership number), then the team will collect all the funds. The team can then run a report which will show which fees have been paid to the league and which ones haven't, indicating any remaining balance due to the league.

Shared Form Sections on Team's Registration Forms

Once published, the Shared Form Sections will appear as available acknowledgement sections on a team's registration form.  

At the very bottom of the “Main Registration” section on the first page of your form, the league's waiver sections will appear as greyed-out sections under “Shared Form Sections.”


The team's administrator can then select all that apply. Once added to the team's registration form, the section will appear yellow. Teams cannot edit the shared form section, but there are two more choices they can make:

  • “Display Order” – the shared form section will drop in at the bottom of the registration form, but if they’d like it to display higher for their team members as they register, the display order can be changed.
  • “Exclude non-competitive athletes from fee calculations” (if there are league fees associated with this section). Depending on how you set up your Shared Form Section, the box may be automatically pre-checked. If you allow your teams to change the designation, they can check or uncheck the box. 



If the league changes a shared acknowledgement section, and if a team has already added that section to their registration form, their copy will show a warning saying that it is out date, prompting the user to delete and re-add the section to their form. 

For more information on how your teams will utilize the Shared Form Sections, see our Help Center article about Adding League Waivers and Fees to Your Team’s Registration Form.


From your league site, you can run an Acknowledgement Report for each of your teams.  

Go to Manage League > Reports > Registration, select the Acknowledgement Summary (League)


Once in the report, select the team whose acknowledgement summaries you'd like to view, then click on "Generate Report."  This will provide a printable summary of the acknowledgement forms for each swimmer.  This report includes the league-shared acknowledgements as well as acknowledgements that the team created for their registration form.



League fees: If your shared acknowledgements included league fees, the reports for the amount collected and paid to the league are managed at the team level.  Your teams' admins will run a Registration Detail CSV report:  They'll go to Manage Team > Reports > Registration and run their "Registration Details/Data Export" report, then click on "Download Registration Data (csv)."



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